Orthopedic Memory Cushion Foam
Orthopedic Memory Cushion Foam
Orthopedic Memory Cushion Foam
Orthopedic Memory Cushion Foam

Orthopedic Memory Cushion Foam

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Ergonomically Designed Helps Reduce Pressure On Your Tailbone And Hips, Providing You With Enhanced Comfort While Seated. 

Have back problems and other muscle problems? Most working people who spend most of their day seated do not realize the importance of a cozy workstation and this Orthopedic Memory Cushion Foam is here to change that.

Orthopedic Memory Cushion Foam adopts pressure distributing U-shaped cutout to eliminate sciatic and coccyx lumbar pain, correcting bad sitting position for comfort & support.


  • Reduces tense muscles - Orthopedic Memory Cushion Foam distributes pressure equally so there'd be no unnecessary pressure on your muscles.
  • Memory foam gel - The materials used to make this cushion is ideal for good bone and muscle support.
  • Improves posture - The seat cushions make it easier to sit with good posture, which in turn helps your body develop a better natural posture
  • Orthopedic support - Orthopedist-approved design for the treatment of chronic or acute tension by alleviating pressure in a strategic area.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Nelda Howe

Spending a lot of time in a computer chair made this almost a godsend! Seriously comfy pair that works in almost any chair. The straps make it easy. It maintains its shape (no pancake cushion after 10 mins) yet still comfortable. It is life for your butt and back!

Alycia Legros

I work in the office and sitting for longer periods of time to be uncomfortable, especially on long car/plane rides so was looking for a product I could take with me on planes and automobiles. I really like this product and find it very comfortable to sit on.

Jean Green

Helping sacroiliac and sciatica issues, as well as hip pain.

Tommie Wolf

Very supportive lumbar pillow, used in my car. Definitely helps me line up my hips while driving and maintain a good low back curve.

Aron Kunze

After a few days usage in my wife's sewing machine chair, she began to get free of her pain. Would recommend.