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We offer a range of home devices, and ever since 2015 we have been delivering what our claim promises: health and well-being. Our product ranges will ensure you feel great all-round!

Back Massagers

All our back massagers are equipped with advanced features and benefits to deliver maximum comfort and relaxation.


Head & Facial Massagers

Head & facial massagers offer outstanding comfort and relaxation and provide an excellent massage experience.


Neck Massagers

Our neck massagers selection is designed to lay wherever you need it. A quality neck massager will release tension throughout your whole body.


Body Massagers

A quality body massage will help you with stress relief, prevent injuries and improve your overall health.


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One of the problems with buying products online is that you can never be quite sure of the quality. With Vornyx, that is not a concern at all. Their massagers are top of the line, and their customer service team is very responsive.


I promise Vornyx cares more about your well-being than you do, and honestly maybe more. In addition to taking advantage of their revolutionary massage technology, you need to follow them on social media and read their blogs to get the most out of their know-how.!


I started doing yoga about a year ago, but I don't think I truly benefited until I supplemented my routine with massages. I could never have done that without the convenience (not to mention affordability) offered by Vornyx.