Smart Neck Massager
Smart Neck Massager
Smart Neck Massager
Smart Neck Massager
Smart Neck Massager

Smart Neck Massager

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The Same Relief You Get From Your Massage Therapist In The Comforts Of Your Own Home.

Shiatsu Neck Massager

Our smart neck massager heats up in seconds to mimic warm human hands and deliver therapy for neck soreness, shoulder discomfort, and body tension.

The smart massager works by combining low frequency electrical impulses with consistent heat and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology. As a result, problem areas experience more blood flow and the release of natural painkillers called endorphins.

Our neck massager acts as your personal & portable massage therapist. Simulating two real hands while allowing you to control 3 different massage techniques and up to 15 strength intensity adjustments.

*Not for use with pacemakers or pregnancy 


  • Built from durable 304 stainless steel, the smart neck and shoulder massager is ensured to last.
  • With its tough elastic arm and soft pressure band, it is suitable for all neck sizes and provides a firm, comfortable fit.
  • Lasting Relief: The 1600mAh battery allows for one month of use on a single charge. 


 Neck pain and cervical stiffness 

 Arthritis in shoulders and upper back 

 Irritability and fatigue due to sleep disorders 

Neck pain-induced insomnia 

 Headaches at the back of the neck 

 Cervical nerve pain 


If you sit at the computer often, travel frequently, or suffer injuries, then the smart massager is perfect for you. 

It’s been designed to improve blood circulation, to be used as a travel companion on long drives and flights, and to help relieve pain caused by injuries. 

It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking for neck pain relief.



Neck pain arises when there is decreased space between the intervertebral discs, which causes issues such as decreased blood flow and pinched nerves. 

Using both heat and electric pulsation, the smart massager reaches 3 - 5 cm below the skin to open pain points and lighten discomfort associated with the cervical spine, noticeably reducing neck and shoulder pain with daily use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rosalinda Bashirian

This little gadget took a little getting used to at first but after my second use, it felt wonderful. Fits comfortably around my neck and the heating function feels amazing. Simple operation and the instructions were easy to read. The auto shut off after 15 minutes was a nice touch as well. Small and low profile makes this easy to take with me when I am traveling.

Dariana Turcotte

I get a lot of sinus headaches and tension in my neck. I use this upon waking and before bed. It has helped me out so much since receiving it. Incredibly happy with the purchase.