Smart Shoulder Support Brace
Smart Shoulder Support Brace
Smart Shoulder Support Brace

Smart Shoulder Support Brace

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Smart Shoulder Brace Wrap Is Designed Ergonomically For Extended Comfort

Smart Shoulder Support Brace is designed to provide heat to affected areas of your shoulder. It is perfect for those suffering from tendonitis, torn rotator cuffs, frozen shoulder, surgery, stiffness, bursitis, and sprains. Comes with adjustable Velcro, the shoulder smart support brace fits for both men and women. 


  • LED temperature display and low power warning - The led display for temperature helps you to choose the most comfortable temperature. LED Display indicates battery power when it is below 5% and also will beep to remind you to control the usage time and charge it in time.
  •  Fit for both left and right shoulder - The flexible bands guarantee maximum comfort. The shoulder compression sleeve is suitable for men and women.
  • Shoulder brace relief and USB recharged - Heated shoulder brace helps you to relax muscles and provides super comfortable heat therapy for your shoulders. It uses USB charging that allows you to use it anytime and everywhere.

3 Adjustable modes of heating and vibration

  • Red light - high-frequency vibration (131-140℉)
  • Blue light - constant vibration (122-131℉)
  • Green light - low-frequency vibration (113-122℉)


1. Relieve knee rheumatic arthritis
2. Accelerate muscle recovery
3. Alleviate muscle pain
4. Reduce heart rate
5. Increase flexibility
6. Improve circulation
7. Promote better sleep


  • One size fit all

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lily Hermann

Great Product, I had shoulder infection for a while and my doctor recommend me to buy a support brace. It's really made my life better!

Cindy Heaney

My boyfriend uses this nearly everyday. He has issues with tendinitis and this really helps. Only complaint is that the cord to plug in is short so make sure you have an extension cord to be able to sit comfortably.

Ruby Huels

This wrap is specifically designed for the shoulder which make it easy to use. Before this I used general wraps that really couldn’t hold the heat packs in place, so I always had to re-adjust the wrap and heat packs. This is very convenient to use. I would recommend this product for shoulder pain relief.

Eryn Kling

This keeps the heat where you need it while standing, sitting or when you lay down.
Fast shipping!

Jakob Kreiger

What I like about this item, is that it really works, you can feel the heat, pressing against your sore muscles, especially when u turn it up high. Great product